Two Weeks, Four Webinars, £600 of Shares to Win!

Contributor: Kieran King


We have a record number of webinars happening over the next two weeks, each with the chance to win a lucky £150 gift bundle of Shares.


Global Shakers: Monday 29th June at 5pm (BST)

Global Shakers is a new innovative publishing platform that profiles and tells the story of “game changers” from across industry and society. The people who are innovating, disrupting and changing the world in which we live. The platform creates irresistible content and is building influential networks. Global Shakers is unique in that we validate these “game changers” and bring them together, to be a “Global Shaker” is and will become a badge of honour. The service appeals to business professionals and the innovation-centric from across the world who want to be informed and take inspiration from others. Our mission is to drive positive change and become the go-to destination for people interested in discovering who is literally changing the world.

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Comedy Crowd TV: Thursday 2nd July at 5pm (BST)

Comedy Crowd TV is an exciting new comedy content platform, showcasing the best talent from their huge global community of over 8,000 comedy creators. Traditional studios work with a handful of creators, which means a handful of new ideas and hoping past success will lead to future hits. Comedy Crowd TV work with thousands, crowdsourcing the best content and discovering exciting new talent first.

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Alpha Prospects: Tuesday 7th July at 6pm (BST)

Alpha Prospects ("Alpha") is an award winning investment management company seeking to take strategic investments in companies with fast growth and/or strong recovery prospects. Over the last decade Alpha has invested in several different companies by way of equity positions. Each of these deals has increased the balance sheet of the business and based on the last share placement, the company has an estimated current market capitalisation of over £20 million. Currently the primary focus for Alpha is the energy sector and more particularly new, innovative energy solutions. Alpha now has several holdings in the energy sector, including two in innovative technologies that could solve many of the current emissions issues and thus mitigate the climate crisis. On offer is the opportunity to subscribe for warrants that convert immediately to shares at 2p per share - which is a 64% discount to the current fair value of 5.5p per share.

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Nautical ID International: Thursday 9th July at 6pm (BST)

Nautical ID International (NIDI) is a joint venture between the latter and Nautical ID(NIDS), the Swedish based creator of the Nautical ID Plate. NIDI has the global distribution rights for the Plate whilst its partner NIDS retains the Nordic region rights. The product makes it very easy to contact boat owners who are not on board. Being able to get in contact enables a third party to forewarn the boatowner of an impending or existing problem that can prevent and/or reduce damage and enhance boat management.

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