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Rockster quite simply has established a new standard in calibre of ingredients, dog nutrition and palatability never seen before in the industry. We are passionate about enhancing the lives of our pets and offer loving pet owners the opportunity to genuinely offer their dogs the choice of having the best of the best.

  • Key Achievements


    The Rockster brand has created a new segment and has the real potential to be the first “Luxury” brand for dogs with a worldwide footprint in an industry going through a fundamental paradigm shift.

    Aspirational brand drawing on European luxury & quality targeted to dog owners offering Life-Enhancing Products with stylish design that are differentiated, innovative and “best of the best”.

    Global appeal both for brand and the story behind the brand, especially the US and Asia led to Rockster getting a pan US Distribution deal with Phillips Pet in December 2018 (largest distributor of pet food in US), unprecedented for Company of its size and the only European brand taken.

    Pervasive belief that quality is everything, especially in food and its power to enhance health, and therefore, life from the inside out in line with market shift and growth drivers.

    Brand has authentic DNA inspired by an extraordinary real life story about a dying mutt from the back streets of Naples, rescued from the steps of “La Conca del Sogno ” during a couple’s honeymoon who went on to be their rock in life.

    Rockster has set a new standard for quality, design, transparency & traceability within the industry; Reassuringly expensive and on trend with current scientific shift to microbiome balance; product range to enable accessibility for all dog owners on either a daily or occasional basis.

    Wordmark is suited to Pet industry: St Rock is the Patron Saint of Dogs. Because your dog rocks…and they deserve the best; your “Rock” in life and “rock” your dog’s world.

    Branding designed to appeal to the US and Asian markets and uniquely for a food brand there is demand for non food items.

    Rockster has already been approached by strategic buyers with the perception Company was larger as well as a strategic partnership across 1450 stores in the US.


    zoe ley

    ~ Zoe Ley (Founder & CEO of Rockster)


    The Market


    Pets are big business, especially in North America. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) reported that Americans alone spent $72.7 billion on the pet industry in 2018 (Europe and Russia combined is estimated as c$29bn)

    Humanisation of dogs has led to premiumization of pet food and strong growth in the natural food segment with pet food mirroring human food trends

    The global pet market is expected to reach USD 202.6 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc with the US accounting for $100 bn.

    Industry’s growth rate stands out among other consumer packaged goods industries and with the increase in pet ownership, especially amongst Millennials, dog food sales are growing faster than most packaged foods for humans.

    Pet food accounts for 60% of global spend; US market by far the most significant (up to 50% of world’s spend) with Asia Pacific forecasted to have the highest growth rates. Sales of natural and organic pet foods are growing faster than low cost or mid priced pet food products.




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