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Skinny Tonic

SKINNY TONIC™ is the worlds first Zero Sugar, Zero Calorie, Nothing Artificial Natural tonic water in a can. We have our own manufacturing facilities, which has the capacity to deliver our first three years of sales.

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    17th Dec, 19



    SKINNY TONIC™ is a Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar, Nothing Artificial, all Natural Tonic Water in the UK.

    Originally inspired by a diagnosis of type one diabetes at the age of 23, Ian has created a tonic water that allows him to enjoy a G&T without the fear of his blood sugars spiking.

    Having tested the product on family and friends in the early days, it was the introduction of the natural sweetener stevia, that allowed Ian to create a 100% natural, zero calorie tonic water.

    Since the start of Ian’s dream in 2014, Skinny Tonic is now listed nationwide with a major retailer and outselling some of the big boys like Schweppes 1783.

    Ian has now set up a bespoke fully automated manufacturing plant capable of producing 6,000 cans per hour.

    Ian has created a strong management team with a wealth of experience in FMCG and startups to exit strategy.

    Our mission is to become the no.1 ‘Natural Slimline Tonic Water’ so join us and let’s revolutionise the mixer drinks market.




    Key Achievements


    • We are listed nationwide with Asda and we were finalists in the 2019 innovation awards.
    • We currently outsell Coca Cola Schweppes 1783 per store per week in the grocery sector.
    • We have listings with Amazon, Amazon Prime, 31 Dover, Muscle Food and Costco.
    • We will produce over 9 million cans in the next 12 months with our current order book.
    • We have a new bespoke fully automated production facility that is capable of producing 6,000 cans per hour.
    • We are Salsa accredited.
    • We were recently endorsed by Slimming World as a top new syn free product.
    • We were ranked highly and where preferred over Swcheppes Slimline Tonic Water by 2:1 by 33,000 households surveyed by The Craft Gin Club.


    craft gin club

    ~ The Craft Gin Club


    Intended impact


    In the last 5 years we have seen the mixer market revolutionised by the market leader Fevertree. No more tonic from a tap or bland ingredients, tonic is now a premium mixer.

    Having witnessed the rise in the popularity of Gin, Fevertree have created a multi billion pound beast. However, if you are looking for a zero calorie option you can’t have Fevertree, in fact there isn’t any natural calorie free tonic readily available.

    Enter Skinny Tonic, we use only the highest grade ingredients, naturally sourced quinine from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Partnering with market leaders Pure Circle, we sweeten our tonics with the most premium grade stevia. Creating a truly zero calorie, natural slimline. No more bland tasting artificial tonic.

    With a wide range of flavours including the first zero calorie natural ginger ale, we have a flavour to suit all taste buds.

    We have a clear point of difference and solve an obvious problem. We are the only Natural, Zero Calorie tonic water on the shelves.


    Monetisation Strategy


    Our primary route to market is through major retail listings.

    We also sell direct to consumers via our website. We currently generate income from 3 main sources.

    Skinny Tonic sales - Y1 forecast £1.2m.

    Budget Brand 1 sales - Y1 forecast £600k

    Budget Brand 2 sales - Y1 forecast £900k


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