Skinny Tonic

We are Skinny Tonic. A pioneering, first mover, 100% natural, zero sugar, zero calorie tonic water.
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London, United Kingdom

Skinny Tonic

SKINNY TONIC™ is, to our knowledge, the world's first Zero Sugar, Zero Calorie, Nothing Artificial Natural tonic water in a can.

  • Multi award winning business and products
  • New state of the art automated production facility
  • Amazon #1 selling Tonic Water
  • Exclusive partnership with the global brand EMOJI
  • £1,226,302
    25th Nov, 20
    25th Dec, 20
    Private offer
  • Who We Are

    Our brand story is a personal one.

    Skinny’s founder, Ian Minton, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes aged just 23. With an inclination for a Gin & Tonic, Ian found out that even low sugar tonics could make his blood sugar spike...

    ...So, seeing an opportunity to improve his social experience and an unmet need in the market for a zero calorie, zero sugar, mixer, Ian launched the Skinny Tonic brand in 2014.



    We are Market Leaders....

    We create innovative, ahead of trend health drinks and we are challenging the traditional market place by creating 100% natural, zero sugar, zero calorie soft drinks.

    We pride ourselves on making soft drinks that are naturally zero, deliciously flavoured and stylishly premium.

    Our current range is extensive, on-trend and has been consciously developed based on consumer trends, market research and expert insight.




    Our Mission...

    We are on a mission to make the world a healthier place by pioneering a new way of drinking.


    Key Achievements To Date

    • March 2019 - launched the first to market zero sugar, zero calorie, nothing artificial tonic water with the core range of 4 flavours.
    • August 2019 - 2 flavours nominated for product innovation awards with major retailer.
    • January 2020 - raised £1.8m.
    • March 2020 - launched new Skinny Tonic website and also launched 6 flavours on Amazon.
    • May 2020 - agreed license with Emoji.
    • June 2020 - launched 4 flavours into 27 Booths stores.
    • September 2020 - won an own label contract with major retailer.
    • October 2020 - raised £1.75m in conjunction with the Future Fund and received Food Matters award for 'new drink product of the year'.
    • November 2020 - acquiring new larger premises which will include 3 new lines producing various sizes of PET blown bottles, glass bottles and cans to accommodate growth.




    Monetisation Strategy

    With the changes we have seen due to COVID-19, the increase of e-commerce popularity has positively impacted Skinny Tonic revenue.

    Skinny Tonic Ltd has 5 clear monetisation strategies.

    1. Skinny Tonic: Selling to the on-trade, grocery and ecommerce markets.
    2. Skinny Soda: Plans to sell to the on-trade, grocery and e-commerce markets.
    3. MIXR: Selling to the discount retail market.
    4. EMOJI: Plans to sell to the on-trade, grocery, schools and e-commerce markets
    5. Major retail contract manufacturing: We have agreed contracts to fill for major UK retailers.



    PR & Marketing

    Our audience is loyal and enthusiastic and we engage with our customers via both social media and print channels.




    Use of Proceeds

    We will continue to invest in marketing the Skinny brand and the launch of EMOJI.

    We will continue to pioneer NPD in both brands and develop new exciting flavours and packaging.

    We have invested in a new state of the art, fully automated, canning and bottling facility with an array of market leading filling and packaging machines.

    We will be investing in the facility to achieve BRC accreditation.

    We will continue to invest in staff training and recruitment.

    We have invested in a CRM system to ensure manufacturing efficiencies.


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