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Wirral, United Kingdom

Grassroutes Entertainment Ltd (Comedy Crowd TV)

We are an exciting comedy content platform, showcasing the best talent from our global leading community of over 8,000 grassroots comedy creators. We have a live platform with thousands of users, paying subscribers of our channel and a global distribution partner.


    Comedy Crowd TV is an exciting new comedy content platform, showcasing the best talent from their huge global community of over 8,000 comedy creators.

    Traditional studios work with a handful of creators, which means a handful of new ideas and hoping past success will lead to future hits.

    Comedy Crowd TV work with thousands, crowdsourcing the best content and discovering exciting new talent first.

    Proven content is screened on their subscription channel and via media partners. They have a live platform with paying subscribers and a global distribution partner.

    Comedy Crowd TV's mission is discovering and showcasing the best new comedy creators from all backgrounds, bringing original content to fans and opening opportunities for undiscovered talent.



    Investment Bonuses


    In addition to getting shares in Comedy Crowd, investors will receive the following additional benefits depending on their investment level.


    Investment perks


    Key Achievements


    • Built the world's largest community of 8,000+ independent comedy creators
    • Launched revenue generating channel and community platform in 2019
    • Global distribution partner in place with an audience of 350m+ users
    • Team of 3 founders with professional finance, legal and startup background
    • Publicly recommended by the likes of the BBC




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    Subscription video on demand is a rapidly growing market, estimated to reach $40bn by 2022, with many big-name players entering and looking for content including the likes of Britbox, Disney, Amazon, NBC, Apple.

    At the same time habits are changing as people watch more on-demand content on smaller devices rather than TV screens, opening opportunities for businesses such as Telco’s and transport services to showcase video content to audiences.

    All of which means there is a huge and growing demand for original content with a proven audience, an opportunity that the team believe they are uniquely placed to exploit with a channel discovering and showcasing the best new talent first.


    Comedycrowd competitors

    *By distributing content - we mean distributing to other businesses B2B, so entering into revenue share, commission or retainer arrangements with other media businesess for their content.


    The Exit


    Comedy Crowd TV aims to be the home for discovering new comedy talent, generating regular, exciting new content. The plan is to grow through distribution deals and working with increasingly high profile creators to the point where we are a mainstream channel with millions of viewers across multiple networks and devices in 3-5 years time. At this point, they believe they will be a prime acquisition target for major channels, production companies and media businesses.

    There are many recent examples of original content generating channels being bought by larger channels, established production companies and media businesses*. Comedy Crowd TV hopes to be ideally placed in 3-5 years time to be an exciting acquisition target for these businesses. The company is looking to expand the in-house creative team and work with marketing specialists to promote the content. A key focus is on building the right advisory board to open doors for more brand and distribution partnerships.

    * Future PLC buys Barcroft Studios in November 2019 for £23.5m ($30m). Barcroft Studios focussed on the digital to TV incubation method for factual content.

    * AMC acquires RLJ Entertainment in 2018 for approx $60m. RLJ operates two internet video subscription services: Acorn TV, which features British television and film content, and UMC (Urban Movie Channel)


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    The company is seeking £140k of SEIS investment in exchange for 10% equity. In 12 months they plan to have a catalogue of proven comedy series produced with the best creators and major partnerships secured commissioning exciting new comedy.



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