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Firescape provides fire safety products for use in the home.
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London, United Kingdom

Firescape Holdings Ltd

Firescape has developed a unique fully certified natural fluid that puts out ALL types of fire faster, easier and more effectively. Management believe it is the first and only Universal Fire extinguishing solution in the world.

The company has taken significant strides in protecting its intellectual property in readiness to now launch in the UK and in international markets.

Management believe the exit will either be in the form of a trade sale or IPO.

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    22nd Jun, 19

    Fire Facts


    • Nearly half of UK households (49%) have no fire safety equipment in the kitchen.
    • 20 per cent of people are more worried about fire safety following Grenfell. Just over a quarter Brits (28%) have fire safety equipment in their cars.
    • The latest UK government statistics reveal an average five people die every week because of home fires and most of those fires start in the kitchen.


    The UK Market


    • Over 4m housing properties in the UK
    • Over 800,000 Hotel Rooms
    • Over 800,000 new vehicles registered in the last 12 months
    • Over 550,000 caravans & motorshomes in the UK
    • Marine - MDL the UK's leading marina has over 18,000 berths


    Who Firescape Is Working With


    Firescape re-launched their product line to the housing sector in June 2019. Housing associations and Local Authorities now fully engaged with orders and significant a sales pipeline is developing for Q2 2020. Some of the oldest and largest housing associations that the company is working with include:


    Screen shot 2020 05 29 at 10.14 .23


    Additional growth is now being seen in the construction and building sector with the likes of Travis Perkins, Wates, Erith, Multiplex and Clipfine.


    Screen shot 2020 05 29 at 10.16 .36


    Product Line



    The only certified pan fire extinguishing sachet aimed at replacing the traditional fire blanket in both Domestic & Commercial situations. We have already achieved the relevant fire accreditation rating. As of 29th May 2019 the Patent is published on this product.




    The world’s first plastic aerosol extinguisher for the fire protection market. Containing 200ml, weighing only 300 grams and having passed all accreditation tests ( Di-Electric test to 35KVa) and being able to be used in 360 degrees position with no loss of flow, it’s the perfect first line of defence against small fires in Domestic & Commercial situations. May 2019 finally sees the product go into fully automatic production.



    Other Products


    AR-SAFE: We have embedded a comprehensive training guide utilising Augmented Reality Technology into all of our products to both provide a thorough user manual and compliance record.

    ASSET-SAFE: Utilising discreet cost effective transmitters and tracking hubs we are able to provide a real time Asset register ensuring that the relevant Fire Fighting equipment is both in place and fit for purpose.

    EXTINGUISH-SAFE: We added our revolutionary FER1000 fluid to conventional extinguishers making a few adaptations to deliver the solution at its optimum ability to fight fire. They are the only water additive extinguishers certified for Classes A, B, and F and to have passed a 35KVa Di-Electric test meaning they suitable on live electrical equipment up to 1000v from a distance of, at best, a meter away.

    ROOM-SAFE: A bespoke project being developed with a suppression expert QuenchFire, integrating our FER1000 solution into an affordable, transportable semi permanent high pressure mist system with in built early recognition fire (flame, heat, smoke) detection. Utilising the same technology that is in our Extinguish Safe products it will offer protection against a broad spectrum of fire categories and because it is considerably more effective than conventional fire media, it enables the storage tanks to be smaller. Delivering FER1000 as a fine mist reduces the ambient temperature of the room, extinguishing the fire and preventing reignition. We are confident that this product will offer a cost effective, semi permanent protection to the vulnerable in society.

    BULK-SAFE: We are able to deliver the FER1000 Solution in bulk to Fire Fighting Services to introduce into their Fire Fighting Vehicles / Appliances at a concentration of 6% to 94% water resulting in significant less toxic run off, as a result of less fire fighting medium used.


    Digital Training


    Screen shot 2020 05 29 at 10.24 .45




    Management believe the exit will either be in the form of a trade sale or IPO.

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