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LifeSafe Technologies Ltd

Firescape Holdings Ltd (operating as LifeSafe Technologies) has developed a unique fully certified and accredited natural and environmentally friendly fluid that puts out 5 different types of fire dispensed through a compact fully recyclable plastic aerosol. In addition, LifeSafe has developed a unique training mobile app allowing its users to be trained and certified on a recurring basis.

Management believe it is the first and only such extinguishing solution in the world. The company has taken significant strides in protecting its intellectual property in readiness to now launch in the UK and in key European markets. They have also secured global exclusivity on the actual patent protected plastic aerosol the fluid is contained in. The company is seeking to raise up to £1m to launch the first of its new products this year and develop extended ranges over the next 12 months.

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    22nd Jun, 19
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    30th Oct, 20

    The Pain Point: Historically, you would need different types of fire extinguishers for different types of fire (CO2 for electrical fires, foam for flammable liquids, dry powder for metal fires etc). You will not typically find these in the everyday home, and nearly half of UK households do not have any fire safety equipment at all. This is staggering considering an average of 5 people die every week as a result of home fires according to UK government statistics. Moreover, there are 100,000 vehicle fires annually, leading to an average of more than 100 deaths. This has to change...

    The Solution: LifeSafe has developed a unique fully certified and accredited natural and environmentally friendly fluid that puts out 5 different types of fire dispensed through a compact, fully recyclable plastic aerosol. They are raising up to £1m to become a leading European home safety brand.


    The New Product Range

    • StaySafe 5-in-1 200ml (RSP £19.99)
    • PanSafe Pan Fire extinguisher (RSP £9.99)

    (For details on more product ranges in the pipeline, you can request to see Firescape's investor deck under the 'Documents' tab).






    Fire Facts

    • Nearly half of UK households have no fire safety equipment in the kitchen.
    • 20% of people are more worried about fire safety following Grenfell.
    • Nearly 1 in 10 of people in apartments have no fire safety equipment at all.
    • Only 20% of those in apartments have fire doors.
    • 100,000 vehicle fires annually, which is nearly 300 a day, resulting in more than 100 deaths a year in the UK.


    Lifesafe culture shift


    Wide Target Markets

    Business to Consumer (B2C) targets include:


    Business to Business (B2B) targets include:

    • 27m households in UK
    • 4m+ Social Housing properties
    • 700,000+ hotel rooms
    • 25,000 B&B’s
    • A £370 billion UK building & construction market
    • +550,000 caravans & motorhomes and 80,000 motor boats registered in the UK


    Life-Safe's 3-year strategy is to become a leading European home safety consumer brand, and aims to branch out into target markets such as France, Germany and Benelux.


    Unique Digital Training App

    fire training app



    Investment Use of Funds

    • Key focus of investment is to drive the sales and marketing of existing products being launched this year.
    • New product development is focused around the new products. 

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