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Alpha Prospects

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Alpha Prospects ("Alpha") is an award winning investment management company seeking to take strategic investments in companies with fast growth and/or strong recovery prospects. Over the last decade Alpha has invested in several different companies by way of equity positions. Each of these deals has increased the balance sheet of the business and based on the last share placement, the company has an estimated current market capitalisation of over £20 million.

Currently the primary focus for Alpha is the energy sector and more particularly new, innovative energy solutions. Alpha now has several holdings in the energy sector, including two in innovative technologies that could solve many of the current emissions issues and thus mitigate the climate crisis.

On offer is the opportunity to subscribe for warrants that convert immediately to shares at 2p per share - which is a 64% discount to the current fair value of 5.5p per share.

  • Alpha offers its stakeholders a diversified business with holdings across multiple sectors and industries. The company seeks to achieve maximum total returns primarily through the capital appreciation of its investments.

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    1. Plasmoid Power - 51% Equity


    This company was a originally established to manufacture ceramics for Derlite’s manufacturing facility in Thailand. It has been used as a vehicle for the development of a ground breaking technology that enables the harnessing of energy from water. The company was established as a joint venture with Malcolm Bendall, a scientist in energy recovery system research. Alpha Prospects holds 51% of the equity in this company.


    How It Works:


    The engine is started in the usual manner using diesel, petrol or LPG with the exhaust gases passing through a reaction chamber. Once the engine and containment vessel come up to an operating temperature - around 350°C - the alternate fuel is introduced. The alternate fuel (plasmoid) is initiated when a preconditioned water and air mix is passed through a container that atomises and vaporises the water using stainless steel as a catalyst. The plasmoids harvest the electrons and protons from the protium contained within the water and these are then used as the fuel for the engine


    Plasmoidpower engine


    This project is at the very initial stages of development. Next steps include:

    • Prepare and file worldwide patents for all the concepts and ideas used in the product
    • Employ a team of development engineers and associated support staff
    • Further testing in United Kingdom
    • Design and develop additional working prototypes to support marketing endeavours and demonstrate use in different situations
    • Develop a kit that that can be retrofitted to existing motor vehicles or generators
    • Manufacture and market these products
    • Determine the most beneficial licencing arrangements
    • Negotiate licencing agreements and manage royalty fees and intellectual property


    2. Active Energy Group Plc


    Cropped aeg logo 1


    Alpha has a £300,000 investment in the AIM listed Active Energy Group Plc (AIM: AEG), and the opportunity to make further investments into the business. Active Energy Group plc is a renewable energy company focused on second generation biomass products that have the potential to transform the traditional coal fired-power industry and existing renewable biomass industry. To complement these activities AEG is developing an existing lumber business and a renewable forestry management business.

    The Company has developed its own IP and created the proprietary technology that produces CoalSwitch™ and PeatSwitch™ that both have unique and commercial value across multiple industrial and domestic applications.

    CoalSwitch™ is a second generation biomass fuel that has been tested, and proven, to replace the traditional coal fired-power industry and existing renewable biomass industry without requiring plant modification. It has several advantages compared with other biomass fuels such as torrefied or white pellet alternatives, including:

    • Unique characteristics in terms of calorific value and friability (the ability to be ground to very fine powder), performing well on all metrics in comparison to coal.
    • Ability to increase energy density and bulk density of biomass to levels comparable to coal and as a result, the costs to transport it are highly efficient relative to any other coal alternative.
    • Hydrophobic qualities, which remove the need for expensive climate-controlled storage facilities/silos, unlike white pellet fuels that require climate-controlled storage and shipping.
    • Ability to be economically pelletised, briquetted, or baled, either alone or blended with coal without costly binders.
    • Ability to improve coal-burning efficiencies when co-fired with coal, providing power plants with an easy route to sulphur and carbon dioxide emission reductions.
    • Ability to be used in coal fired power stations without the need for significant retrofitting

    The Company is in the process of establishing its first industrial plant in Lumberton, North Carolina, which will serve as the new base for all AEG CoalSwitch operations in the US. It will initially operate a five tonne per hour plant originally installed in Utah. Working with partners, including Andritz, Lumberton plans to increase to a total production capacity of 50 tonnes per hour or 400,000 tonnes of CoalSwitch™ per annum.


    Screen shot 2020 06 02 at 20.24 .07


    PeatSwitch™ is a steam beneficiated, soil substrate product made from waste fibre. Chemical and microbiological additives can be mixed with the advanced carbon backbone to meet the specific requirements of an individual agricultural customer and more importantly specific plant type or species.

    • Utilises waste biomass - Utilising low value wood/trees, woody waste, agricultural residues and invasive plant species (including pinyon pine and juniper)
    • Viable alternative to peat moss – global demand for a substitute could exceed 1 million tonnes per annum (Source: US govt. of minerals)
    • Customised product - PeatSwitch™ product can be easily adjusted and tailored for customers by altering the temperature / pressure and retention time
    • Species specific engineered soils or soil amendment- Species specific recipes providing target pH, mineral content and microbial make-up required by the end user
    • Solution to biomass problem - The US alone generates billions of tonnes of biomass annually – much is put into landfills or dried & burned, producing vast amounts of pollutionunder a separate patent, and can be used for forestry and agricultural waste streams.


    Screen shot 2020 06 02 at 20.24 .49


    3. Tasmanian Oil & Gas Australia (TOGA) - 60% Equity


    Screen shot 2020 06 02 at 19.01 .18


    Tasmanian Oil and Gas Australia was formed to explore and develop known potential reserves of oil and gas in Tasmania, Australia. The company is targeting natural gas and has identified prospects at Bellevue & Thunderbolt. Independently assessed potential resource equates to 1.7 trillion cu ft or 1.8 billion Giga joules. Assuming a return to 2017 prices this would give a gross value of AUD$11 billion. Alpha Prospects currently holds 60% of the equity in TOGA.






    4. Coleridge Resources Inc - 25% Equity


    Screen shot 2020 06 02 at 19.05 .43


    Coleridge owns mineral leases in Eastern Kentucky USA covering approximately 24,000 acres containing 150 million tons of recoverable coal. Coleridge is aware of a number of innovative methods being explored to extract coal without damaging the environment and without having any impact on emissions or contributing to Global Warming. Consequently, discussions with a successful Waste to Energy (WTE) company have resulted in a conditional agreement to utilise the in ground coal assets as collateral for structuring a joint venture to underwrite the ongoing research and development of this important work. Alpha Prospects has 25% of the equity in this business.


    Other Investments


    6. Derlite

    Screen shot 2020 06 02 at 19.39 .48

    Electronics manufacturer distributing world wide from facility in Thailand, supplying gas ignition systems to appliance manufacturers.


    7. Clifton Africa

    Screen shot 2020 06 02 at 19.39 .42

    Trading activities throughout Africa, operating primarily in the construction sector, including building modular panel built houses, apartments and medical clinics.


    8. Redford Day LLC

    Screen shot 2020 06 02 at 19.39 .14

    US investment company focused on serving the needs of early stage businesses.


    9. ROK Stars

    Screen shot 2020 06 02 at 19.39 .18

    Stuttgart listed holding company focused on building international environmental friendly brands, including drinks, health & beauty, water and technology.


    10. ROK Water

    Screen shot 2020 06 02 at 19.39 .25

    Unique water purification technology that turns salt water and contaminated or polluted water into fresh, potable or drinking water.


    11. ROK Global

    rock global

    A mobile, web and industrial technology, applications and services company.


    12. Capital Plus Partners


    An FCA regulated corporate finance & advisory firm.

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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more